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Examens Nationaux: BTS, DSEP, HPD, HND
The calendar of the National examinations for the 2011 session has been fixed as follows:

Tuesday 01 february 2011

Launching of the 2011 session

Monday 28 february 2011 Latest   date   for   the   submission   of   application files to MINESUP

Tuesday 15 march 2011

Publication of the final list of exemptions candidates

Friday 23 april 2011

Publication of the provisional list of candidates

From Tuesday 27 to Friday 29 april 2011

Practical examinations
Subject Didactics (DSEP)
Didactics (HND)

Wednesday 18 may 2011 Publication of the final list of candidates
From Wednesday 18 may to Friday 23 may 2011

Reception of supplementary documents in MINESUP (BTS, DSEP/HPD, HND)

Tuesday 31 may to Saturday 05 june 2011

BTS Practical examinations

Tuesday 07 to Saturday 18 june 2011

BTS  Written examinations

From monday 13 to Saturday 18 june 2011 Practical examinations (HND, DSEP/HPD)

From monday 20 june to Saturday 25 June 2011

Written examinations (HND. DSEP/HPD)

Beginning of August 2011 Proclamation of results
August Issurance of transcripts, testimonials or certificates

II- Only establishments with a prior authorization or dating from 2009 shall, in the fields of study, specialities or options concerned, present candidates for this session of national examinations

III- Testimonials/Certificates shall be issued by the Minister of Higher Education only upon the presentation of originals of the required certificates (Baccalaureat, GCE A/E, Brevet de Technicien), or any other équivalent certificate recognized by the Minister of Higher Education and national identity card.

IV- The Heads os State University Institutions, the Director of Higher Education Development, the Chiefs of Centres for the national examinations BTS, DSEP/HPD and HND, the Heads of private and publics establishments accredited to prepare candidates for the nationals examinations BTS, DSEP/HPD and HND are responsible, each in his own sphere, for the implementation of this communique which shall be regsitered and published in English and French where ever necessary.


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