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Results Out, Improved Pass In 2009

Ordinary Level candidates scored 53.89 % while 69.53% was recorded at the Advanced Level.

Twenty five thousand six hundred and sixty nine (25,669) candidates have passed the GCE Ordinary Level for 2009, scoring 53.89 % as against 48.61 % for 2008. Statistics show that 47, 630 sat for the examinations in 2009.

At the Advanced Level, 20,310 made it scoring 69.53 % as against 57.79 % for 2008. This marked an improved percentage of 11.74 %. Technical Ordinary Level recorded 1,422 passes out of 4,048 who sat for the examination. They scored a 35.13% pass against 39.38 % in 2008. Their results experienced a drop of minus 4.25 %. Technical Education examination at the “A” Level had 774 passes scoring 33.39% for 2009 as against 60.47 % in 2008, being a drop of 27.08 %. Results for French Technical Examinations conducted in English by the Cameroon GCE Board are yet to be published.

Seven Ordinary Level candidates scored 33 points on a scale of 33 representing 100 %, thus passing in 11 subjects with “A” Grades. They are Fultang Blaesius Norman from FBC Nkongsamba, Michael Fonyam Mbah Ngwanah from SHC Mankon, Ntangri Albert Assamau from SAMS Kitiwum, Awungayi Desmond from SWC Fontem, Ategha Jespa, Kangkwalah Ategha from GSS Bafia, Muyuka, Nkengfack Brunhilda Tegomoh from OLLSS Mankon. 224 students passed at the Honour Roll in 2009 whereas last year (2008) only 169 candidates had the Honour. The following subjects – History, Economics, Geography, and Literature in English, French, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics in that order had highest “A” grades. Eight schools recorded the highest number of candidate passes. They are CCASS Kumba, PCHS Bamenda, CCAST Bambili, GBHS Kumbo, GBHS Bamenda, GBHS Ndop, GBHS Buea and BGS Molyko.

Comparatively, the male candidates are still dominating the female in passes. At the Ordinary Level, the male had 59.54% as against 49.69 % for the female. At the Advanced Level, the male scored 70.02% as against 68.96 for female candidates. Denominational institutions still have the lead with 92.39 % as against 80.45% for Government schools. Non denominational scored 79.44% whereas external candidates recorded 52.95% pass.

The GCE Board needs a brailing machine to enable it conduct examinations for the blind with ease. The Board officials complain that conducting examinations for the blind is tedious without brailing machines.

Martin AKURO AKWA, Cameroon Tribune 31 Juillet 2009

GCE Results Improve, But…
Statistics indicate that there is a marked progress in the GCE “O” and “A” Levels examinations but for the technical sessions.

2009 official examinations organised by the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board witnessed an improvement in the results of candidates for the GCE Ordinary (O) and Advanced (A) Levels but for a decline in the performance of candidates who sat for the GCE Technical Ordinary and Advanced Levels.

Statistics indicate that out of the 55,890 candidates that registered for the 2009 GCE “O” level, 47,630 sat for the examination while 25,669 succeeded. The percentage pass rate stood at 53.89 per cent as against 48.61 per cent last year. At the Advanced Level, a total of 20,310 made it, scoring 69.53 per cent as against 57.79 per cent for 2008. For the Technical Ordinary level, 4048 undertook the examination while 1,422 were recorded successful giving a 35.13 per cent pass against 39.38 per cent the previous year. The result experienced a drop of minus 4.25 per cent. For the technical examination, at the Advanced Level, some 2,318 wrote the examination while 1,011 were successful scoring a 46.31 per cent pass as against 60.47 per cent past year.

A balance sheet of Technical Examinations of the Francophone sub-system such as the Probatoire Technique, Baccalauréat Technique and Brevet de Technicien conducted in the English Language by the Cameroon GCE Board is yet to be established. The Board officials say they are still deliberating on the final result statistics. According to the Registrar of the General Certificate of Education Board, Humphrey E. Monono, the drop in the results of Technical Ordinary and Advanced Levels examinations is due to the lack of qualified and specialised teachers while in the general session the Ministry of Secondary Education ensured adequate pedagogic follow-up of candidates.

Brenda YUFEY, CT 05/08/09


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