Results Advanced Teachers’ Training College, University of Maroua 2018

Views: 4 469 Press Release To publish the results of the first and second cyles Subject to the presentation of the originals of the required diplomas, thecandidates whose nomes appear below, ranked by discipline and by order of merit are declared admitted into the First Year of the Second Cycle of the Advanced Teachers’ Training More...

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public works
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Results of the National Advanced School of Public Works NASPW 2018

Views: 5 210 Engineering cyle, Architecture cycle and Higher Technicians cycle ArchitectureDownload Higher TechniciansDownload EngineeringDownload Architecture cycle (BAC/GCE Als+ 5 More...

Ecole Normale Supérieure
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Results of the competitive entrance examination into the Higher Teachers’ Training College HTTC Yaounde

Views: 4 400 First year of the first cycle. First year of the second cyle HTTC-Yaounde first year of the first cycleTélécharger HTTC Yaounde first year of the second cycleTélécharger HTTC More...

Batiment Minfopra
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Ministry of the Public Service and Administrative Reform Final results of the direct competitive examinations.

Views: 6 590 Final results of the direct competitive examinations for the recruitment of 100 (one hundred ) Assistant Treasury ControLlers and 100 (one hundred ) Clerical Assistant of Treasury for More...

Plateau Technique Hopital
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Results of the National qualifying Examination for the medical training in Cameroon 2018-2019 academic year

Views: 5 692 The following candidates listed by specialization, order of me rit, and by residence’s institute, have been declared successful ISSS BangangteDonwload Institut Supérieur More...

IRIC Batiment
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Results of the competitive entrance examination at the International Relations Institute of Cameroon

Views: 4 511 Cycle of Master of International Relations. 2018 -2019 Academic year International MarketingDownload Major in Cultural Diversity, Peace and International CooperationDownload International More...

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HTTC Bertoua 2018 Press release to admit candidates

Views: 4 407 Admission of candidates into the first year of cycle 2 of HTTC Bertoua 2018 HTTC BertouaTélécharger Tweet  More...

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Results of the recruitment of 1,900 student Gendarmes

Views: 7 007 The medical examination will take place in the Military Hospitals of Yaounde, Bamenda, Douala, Garoua and Maroua List of Recruitment 1900 Student GendarmesDownload Source Cameroun More...

police 20 mai
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Résultats du Concours d’entrée à la Police Nationale 31 août 2018

Views: 9 041 Résultats définitifs du concours 2017 Commissaire de Police-Admissiblités Commissaire de Police-Définitifs  More...

Covenant Polytechnic ABA
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Results of Higher National Diploma (HND) and Higher Professional Diploma (HPD)

Views: 14 670 Press release of the Minister of Higher Education The Minister of Higher Education, Chancellor of Academic Orders hereby informs candidates who sat for the June 2018 session of the More...

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