Published On: Tue, Nov 9th, 2021

Registration periods and fees for the 2022 session Certificate and competitive examinations

Managing Registrations for the 2022 session of DECC Certificate and competitive examinations

  • BEPC
  • Industrial CAP and TST
  • Teachers’ Grade One and technical Teachers Grade One (CAPIEMP and CAPIET)
  • Entrance examination into sixieme
  • Entrance examination into 1st year of technical education
  • Entrance examination into 1st year of technical and vocational schools of agriculture
  • Entrance examiniations into GTTC and GTTTC (ENIET and ENIEG)
  • Entrance examinations into private teacher and technical teacher training schools
  • Entrance examinations for technical seconde and 1st year BEP
  • Entrance examination into seconde of technical, vocational and agricultural schools

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